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Clean Your dirty dry business with Uber for Laundry App

The increasing desire for comfort has made the use of mobile and web applications significant in our daily life. From having basic apps like calendar and radio to having apps for every basic need, there’s been a dynamic shift. If you're reading this blog, I’m sure you can relate to it.

Why get an app?

A lot of businesses have become better and reached greater heights after going digital. As the users of mobile and web apps are growing exponentially, there is a definite amount of scope to get more customers. According to the statistics of Business of Apps, there’s been an increase of around 50 billion app downloads in last year i.e.197 billion in 2017 versus 149 billion in 2016. In a nutshell, more customers every single day. This is exactly the reason to have an app for your venture.

Want to make your laundry business a hit?

People who return home drained from work would definitely not want to see a pile of clothes for laundry. If you have a laundry business to make their life easier, then we have a service that will make your life better. AppDupe, a clone app development company offers a clone app of Uber for Laundry.

The benefits

The features of the clone app are as follows

  • Live Geo­-tracking- track your launderer in real time.

  • Change/Cancel Booking-You can cancel or change the booking through the app without any hassles.

  • Talk To Your Launderer- communicate with your launderer any time during the service

  • Work History- check for our history of receiving orders.

  • Review System- To check for reviews and also place one.

  • Detailed Profile- to know better about the said launderer.

  • Social Media Login- log in using Facebook or Google

  • Toggle Launderer Availability- choose the launderer according to your and their availability

  • Select Service Type- depending on your apparel and your service needs.

That's a few of the essential features we offer the customers and the admin. Exclusively for the entrepreneur, we provide the clone app wholly white-labelled and with our turnkey solution, you can make profits instantly. Apart from all the features aforementioned, we also offer a 100% customizations. Chat with our experts right away!

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